Why Zuckerberg Thinks Government Should Not “Move Fast And Break Things”


Silicon Valley has dramatically altered many aspects of our lives, but Congress still operates in the same way its horse-riding forefathers did. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is not only optimistic about Congress, but thinks its general operating principles are A-OK.

“The cynical view is that everything is broken and sucks,” he told The Atlantic’s James Bennet at the magazine’s Newseum event yesterday in Washington, D.C. “My view is that the system is set up to avoid making catastrophic mistakes, and right now the country is really divided, and therefore few things should get done, except for the things that people really agree on.”

Like many in Silicon Valley, Zuckerberg is famous for running his multi-billion-dollar company at the edge of chaos with the philosophy “move fast and break things.” Employees are encouraged to ask forgiveness, not permission. Prototypes are quickly launched, piloted, improved, and then launched again. The lumbering giant…

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