iOS App Driving Curve Is A Fitness Tracker For Your Car


iOS app Driving Curve is an easy way to track your driving performance without having to fiddle with additional devices.

Some high-profile driving apps, like Automatic, a Y Combinator alum and Techstars-backed Dash, offer their own hardware to connect with smartphones. Other use a Bluetooth-enabled on-board devices (OBD), which plugs into an adapter under the steering wheel.

Driving Curve, on the other hand, is meant as simple alternative for people who are curious about their driving performance, but don’t want to deal with an OBD or a more complicated set of features just yet.

“All you need is a smartphone, which dramatically lowers the entry barrier and grows our user base quickly,” says Tim Huang, who founded the app along with Duoyuan Chen. “We focus on quantified human behavior rather than machine behavior.”

To use the app, you simply press its start button just before you start driving…

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